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Her name is Gaby. He is Blora High School student at Madiun. Gaby merged into a band, as vocalist. he has racer boyfriend, and very like motor race. At that time he is third grade and want to go through final exam. When does those the test times them seldom communication because she is busy to studied. Undetected by Gaby, obvious her boyfriend is dieds flutter accident. Her boyfriend parent and her friend do not want Gaby know about that accident, cause afraid to disturb her consentrasion in her exam. Final after gaby finished her exam, he goes to her boyfriend house. At the boyfriend house Gaby sees a lot of people, and many people read yasin. The boyfriend mother final tell Gaby that her boyfriend is pass away. Gaby is very shock, he is stress heavly! her friend also family gives her support to get up. Until final he is success to create that song, song about her feeling, and plan to perform at school parting with that songs. but unfortunately. . Gaby choose to meet with her boyfriend, he is informed to stick neck into nooses! that happen at last year 2007. After that, the songs is spreading fast. . and there is a story, that after hear that song many people visited by pretty girl alias the Gaby ghost. and it said also many events like that around december months that is fit to Gaby births month.

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